Resources for World as a Stage

We had some amazing people present to our group the first was Roger Maaka who spoke on Te Ranga Maori, an impressive speaker of a generation that has a built in mana or presence. I found myself leaning forward to catch all he had to say, authentic, sensitive to all cultures and a voice of reason and practicality.

One point in particular resonated with me and that was when he talked about the artifact becoming art, that is taking our treasured objects out of the cabinet and displaying them in the galleries, or the now. Roger made me question why we display aspects of New Zealand culture as if it is extinct, yes in a sense we will never see the same things exactly but is what we are making now not part of history or less worthy?

A few days later we had a lecture on sustainability by Dominic Savage from Hastings district Council and Chris Perley from the EnvironmentL Centre in Hastings. I guess you could say this was predictable,the issue of sustainability is a never ending cess pool of s#*/@, we are maintaining rather than solving the problem.

Dominic and Chris were great and there were some interesting initiatives but what made me a little depressed was the acknowledgement that we are ‘finding’ the best ‘markets’ for our rubbish, that’s RUBBISH! But it is a huge problem and the answer or solution will not be easy.

These were our two choices for the world as a stage project and as you can read I have strong feelings about both, I went for the bicultural angle  just because I had a positive feel for the subject. Just for the record I wanted say that a third option would have been good, for those who didn’t connect with these two briefs, controls around a strong written brief to support this option would put the control back in the hands of the student.

Tiki dark, this was drawing done around the concept stage, looking quite dark and almost futuristic.



3 thoughts on “Resources for World as a Stage

  1. Interesting, it seems the thinking of what to do with rubbish is the wrong way around. I agree with you, why don’t they start thinking about controlling the creation of rubbish in the first instance. Another 20 years maybe.

  2. I agree…I have bought some newly packaged things lately and I have acres of polystirene (spelling??) and its bulky to dispose of. cardboard boxes I can recycle but – maybe we start ripping things out of boxes at the shop and leaving them with it…?

    • And apparently the powers to be are looking at charging the buyer at point of sale for the disposal of the item! Assuming that includes the packaging, omg it’s a lose lose situation, we have no choice over packaging and they charge us to somehow get rid of it… Anyhow that’s my rant, bye for now.

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